About Us

We are a group of students that is now virtually implimenting a workshop about Physical fitness. With our workshop, we would love to encourage people to excercise more and take Physical fitness as their lifestyle and added to their daily routine. We would also love our participants to adapt on our recommendations with Physical Fitness, it will be a real great change for their life, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We would like you to let us a chance to give you our knowledge about Physical Fitness. How it could reshape many parts of you, including your mindset, body, and life.



Quiz Time!

In this activity, we would like to see how much do our participants know about physical fitness. How much do they know about the benefits, how often we should excercise, how to find time, different excercise options, what can be done in a busy day, and how to stay motivated and on track.



This lecture will be focusing on how much physical fitness could be a real big combat for stress and how it prevents anxiety.


List it down!

We would like all of our participants to grab some paper and pens to take down their a strong and clear realistic goal, create a sustainable motivation to fitness, and determining levels and barriers when excercising.


A lack of motivation may not let us do physical fitness as its like somethings pulling us from it. That's why finding the right source for motivation is always important. Everyday will be just like yesterday if we don't get up and try to change it. Your life is on you. Everyday is like a battle to stay motivated! We would love to help.

Let's improve with one another. Join our workshop now!